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Virtual Traffic Court Session

Virtual Traffic Court Sessions

Esmeralda Township Justice Court is pleased to now allow traffic Defendants to appear via video for their arraignment.

Defendants who wish to appear for their Arraignment Hearings in this way must make their appearance before the date/time set forth on their citation.

It is important that you read, understand and follow these instructions.  Failure to do so may result in your inability to participate.

At Least 24 Hours Prior to Hearing

Each Defendant must notify the Court of their intention to appear via video no later than 24 hours prior to the hearing by sending an email to the Court at   Included with the notice must be any documentation that the Defendant wishes the Court to consider.  Likely documents will often include driver's licenses, DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) paperwork, proof of insurance and/or proof of registration, depending on the charges.  The Court will not consider any documents not provided in this manner.   In addition to the documentation, in the email you must provide the Court with the following:

            Legal Name:

            Citation Number:

            Mailing Address:

            Physical Address:

            Best Phone Number:

            Best Email:

All participants must email a copy of their current driver's license or government issued picture identification along with the information above.

In addition, if the Defendant plans to enter a Not Guilty Plea, he or she must fill out and execute a Not Guilty Plea and Waiver Form (Click Here) and submit it to the Court along with the above described documentation at least 24 hours prior to the hearing (see above).  The Waiver form must be actually signed.  A typed "signature" will not be accepted.  If in doubt as to whether the Defendant plans to enter a Not Guilty Plea, it is highly recommended that the Defendant submit a Waiver form.  If the Defendant instead enters a Guilty or No Contest Plea at the hearing, the Waiver will be disregarded.  If the Defendant has not submitted a Not Guilty Plea and Waiver Form, the Court will not be able to accept the Not Guilty Plea.

The Court uses BlueJeans for the video hearing.  All parties should load and test the appropriate Zoom app to their device well prior to the start of the hearing.  YOUR DEVICE MUST HAVE A CAMERA AND MICROPHONE OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.  

The Hearing

The Virtual Traffic Court Session will open thirty (30) minutes prior to the hearing time and Defendants may login at that time.  The Calendar will be handled in order of the Court's receipt of the emailed notices to appear.

Defendants should be sure that the device they are using to access the Hearing is fully charged or plugged in and that they are in an area of good reception with a quiet background. 

Participants should click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page to participate in the session.  Participants (also known as "Defendants") are those people who have a citation pending before the Court and wish to enter a plea and address the Court regarding their matter.  Observers are welcome to view the proceedings but only those people who have provided the notification discussed above will be able to address the Court.  Observers are not allowed to participate and will only be able to view and hear the proceedings.

The Hearing will be recorded, by the court. 

As the Defendants will be visible to the Court and each other, appropriate dress is required.

The Court will swear in all Defendants and talk about the session with all Defendants and then take the Defendants' matters one by one.  

Defendants entering a Not Guilty Plea (see discussion above relating to completion of the Not Guilty Plea and Waiver Form) will then be given a date to come into Court for his or her Pretrial Conference.  A Pretrial Conference is a meeting between the Defendant, the Defendant's attorney (if any) and the Deputy District Attorney to see if the matter can be resolved.  If the matter is not resolved at the Pretrial Conference, it will be set for Trial.  At this time, the Court is unable to handle Pretrial Conferences or Trials virtually and all Defendants must appear in person for those proceedings.

If a Defendant enters a Guilty or No Contest Plea, he or she will be found guilty and sentenced at the hearing.

After the Hearing

Immediately after the Defendant’s appearance before the Judge, he or she will be sent to the Court’s Clerk to receive additional information on payment of the fines, receipt of paperwork and final instructions.

Defendants who entered a Not Guilty Plea will need to appear in person at any Pretrial Conferences or Trials.  These Defendants were given a day and time for the Pretrial Conference at the hearing and provided a document by the Court’s Clerk immediately after the hearing.

Defendants who entered a Guilty or No Contest Plea were sentenced by the Court.  The Court’s Clerk will provide these Defendants with the Case Summary and any Orders from the Court. 

If a fine or fee was imposed, the Defendant must pay by the end of the day of the hearing unless other arrangements were made with the Judge.  In this instance, payment must be made by credit or debit card by clicking here or on our “Payments” link.

Thank you for participating in our program

After the court receives your information we will email you a link to the hearing for the date of your scheduled appearance.