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Please refer to the below listed documents regarding programs to assist with Evictions:

Government Rental Assistance Information - English
Government Rental Assistance Information - Spanish

The link below is a direct link to the Nevada Supreme Court eviction forms.

Please fill out the forms that you need and submit them to the court. 

Landlord forms:
Landlord Waste-Nuisance-Controlled Substance Packet

Landlord Violation of Lease Packet
Landlord No-Cause Eviction Packet
Landlord Non-Payment of Rent Packet
Landlord's Packet - 5 Day Tenant At Will
Landlord's Packet - 7 day Week to Week 

Tenant Non-Payment of Rent Packet
Tenant Other Than Non-Payment of Rent Packet
Tenant Motion to Stay Eviction Order
Tenant Motion to Set Aside Eviction
Tenant Contest Personal Property Lien and Return Personal Property
Tenant Illegal Lockout and Utility Shut-off