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Land/Property Sales

Esmeralda Countyhas not shown much growth over the past several years until 2006 when the amount of property sales more than doubled in the first 10 months of the year. This spike is reflected on the chart below. Of the 98 property sales through October of 2006, 82 were for vacant land. Of those, 61 were in the Dyer/Fish Lake Valley area where a new subdivision is going in. This represents a great opportunity for those interested in getting in on the ground floor of development in the Dyer/Fish Lake Valley area.

2006 County Land Sales by Town
Of all property sales within Esmeralda County, 69% were in the Dyer/Fish Lake Valley area while 26% was in Goldfield. Goldfield has been declared an historic community and is striving to restore it's old buildings. 'Other areas' reflects those areas of the county other than the towns listed. Silver Peak had little activity in that it is virtually surrounded by government owned or managed land. This greatly limits the amount of property available in the region. Growth in the Dyer/Fish Lake Valley region is on the rise. Average costs of property is very difficult to calculate as property differs in value based on location within the county, age of buildings, acreage of land sold with associated buildings, etc. These items are not factored in here. The average reflected here is based solely upon type of property sold and location.

LAND USE DESCRIPTION 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 thru Oct
# Sold Avg Cost($) # Sold Avg Cost($) # Sold Avg Cost($) # Sold Avg Cost($) # Sold Avg Cost($) # Sold Avg Cost($)
200 Single Family Residence
  Dyer/Fish Lake Valley 1 20,000 1 60,000     1 95,000 4 40,000    
  Goldfield 1 18,000 6 24,583 3 47,500     2 15,000    
  Silver Peak         1 20,000 1 27,000        
220 Mobile Home converted to Real Property
  Dyer/Fish Lake Valley             1 33,500        
  Goldfield     2 51,202 1 32,000 1 33,000     2 41,250
  Silver Peak                     1 12,500
230 Personal Property Mobile Home - on Unsecured Roll
  Dyer/Fish Lake Valley 1 14,891 1 25,000 4 22,250 5 25,050 2 27,750 1 15,000
  Goldfield 5 14,899 6 20,779 1 12,500 3 9,201     1 90,000
  Silver Peak     2 10,000             1 13,157
260 Personal Property Manufactured Home - on Secured Roll
  Dyer/Fish Lake Valley     1 37,000                
  Goldfield 2 32,000     2 21,750     1 37,500 5 27,900
  Silver Peak                        
Note: Averages may not always represent a clear picture of cost as age of home, size of property, etc. are not factored in. Being rural in nature, some homes sell with large parcels of land.
Secured Roll - The listing of real property values as prepared annually by the Assessor. The payment of the tax is secured by a lien against the real property
Unsecured Roll - Personal property values not secured by the ownership of real property and the value of new construction, which has not yet been added to the secure roll.

The average cost of an acre of vacant land in the Dyer/Fish Lake Valley area, based on the time period January through October 2006, is $6,102 per acre. This is based on 61 sales of property ranging from approximately 1 to 12 acres per sale. Dyer is an agricultural town located between the White Mountains and the Silver Peak Mountains off Hwy 264.