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The Assessors Office performs various services to Esmeralda County and it's residents.
Our office is responsible for compliance of all State Laws and Regulations of the Nevada Tax Commission and all State Laws and Regulations pertaining to DMV. (Titling and Registration of Vehicles only).

Each area of Esmeralda County is re-appraised every five years. This includes performing field inspections of property and measuring all buildings, as well as ownership changes and re-parceling of all property within Esmeralda County.

Our office prepares and sends personal property billings and collects the taxes for personal property, including our mining district.

The Assessor is responsible for physical seizure of personal property of delinquent taxpayers both in residential and rural areas of the county.

The Veterans and Widow's exemption allows a tax reduction, which can be applied towards DMV or Property taxes.
We have County and City maps, both to look at and for sale, and we also have a Walking Tour of Goldfield map to help you locate some of the older, historic buildings in our community.
We all believe that our primary goal is to serve the public with a helpful and friendly attitude.